September 29, 2010

Cause I knew I was right, But I learned I was wrong

I'll explain my last moth in these words:  Stress, missing, children, school, sport, work, homework, babysitting, lost my camera, friends and WHERE THE HELL IS MY CAMERA?
I could have posted about..wel....nothing. But my mind wasn't there the whole time I was awake. When I slept, I dreamed, when I was awake, I dreamed. I had no rest. But now I'm forcing myself to have some time.
I'm afraid this post is a short one 'cause I have to do a lot!
I promiss I come back soon!

This is Noah, my little brother! He's so sweet. He made himself a bed in a box and he put on too big boots when I was cleaning my room. <3


September 8, 2010

Never miss a chance to change your life

School has started and I've never been this busy before on a first day.
I have so much stress but I hope these pictures make something up to you dear readers <3
You take a look at my High Thea monday (wich was AMAZING <3)
I have to go now!

ps. I have an Iphone 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Dress, Pull & Bear - Sandals, Van Haaren - Ring, By1Oak

September 6, 2010

It's OK

From my deviantArt

Sorry for my apsence. I promis I'll make it up to you but school starts tomorrow and I'm stressed like hell. I'll come around!
Today I'm having a High Tea with friends, as an closure for the vacation.

and, don't be overwhelmed by these texts <3


September 2, 2010

All because we fell in love

Some photo's from my tumblr that I found.
Next week school starts again, that will mean less time and less posts. I figured that when I don't post so much anymore, I will pay more attention to my individule posts.

Enjoy <3