August 29, 2010

extreme, bewildering, insane, exhausting love

Yesterday evening/night my friend and I decided at the last minute to go out for some fun. We went together, no one else went éxpect for my boyfriend! He didn't know I came too, so I decided to suprise him. It was fun! It felt good to go out and have a good time with friends, something I haven't done for a long time because of my knee. Well, my knee did hurt. But not so much that I made me want to quit the fun. The next morning, it hurted a little to much. Everything hurst the morning after a party haha. Not my head or something, I didn't drink afcourse. I see some people walking trough the entrence, barely standing. And when I look closer she's just  to young for the world she's in; alcohol. No, I mean; TOO much alcohol.
Wow, I sound like some angel! Not that I always stand by the rules, I think I just see things how my tought are racing. Right now I'm in a angel mood haha.

Well, today I have to work. BLEHG. hahaha
I hope my boyfriend can stay for a sleepover, not a good change though...

Here's the oufit :)

Denim blouse - Zara
Basic top - Zara
Leather shorts - Zara
Necklace - Topshop

August 27, 2010

Ice teaaaaaaaaa

I went golfing with my family in law (if you can say so). In the beginning, I really sucked at it. It took me a couple a holes to do it well. I turned out really good haha.

I have this thing for Ice Tea. Lipton Ice Tea sparkling! It's my favourit summerdrink :)

T-shirt  - Zara
Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Converse

August 26, 2010

Three of a kind

What do yóu at night when you are bored and have camera?

This is at the hospital. I got this figurine from my mom, it represents me (in the middle) and my brother(on the left) and my baby sister (right). I think it's very cute and it reminds me of a lot of good things about my family <3
If you pay attention, you can see the shadows of me in the picture, I slowly fade....

I really want a new camera, DSLR, but I still doubt which one I should buy. Ideas?

August 25, 2010

La La La La Land!

Woooh, you didn't think that I went to Amsterdam without buying something, huh?
Well, I did haha.

1. MAC shimmer blusher 'peachykeen'. The color is a little bit more soft then here. I love the blusher! The shimmer is jhere just a little and I like that it gives just that extra!
2 & 3.OPI Ski Teal We Drop & Give Me More. They are from the new Fall/Winter Swiss collection.
4. Ring, bought in a little store :) It's not real silver but I just like it.

5 & 6. Two basic tees from Zara. White and brown.
7. Black knitted hat for winter (I have to cycle my way to school, no bus for me this year).

Sorry for the crappy picture

8. Lalalalaland Tee from Zipper
9. Leather shorts from Zara! (woooh one off my wishlist haha)

I wondered if you'd like a revieuw on beauty products I buy. Like the MAC blusher or the OPI Nailpolish? Let me know in a comment or e-mail.
And don't forget to ask me something on Formspring, It's on your right!

Love, a big sister :D

PS. About the movie Inception; You should run to the cinema to see it! It's amazing!

August 24, 2010

What the ** do we know?

My life is so hectic right now with the baby. I'm sorry for the no posting but I think everyone understands why...

Everything goes well with the baby, she's so sweet <3
but enough about that, let me show you about my day in Amsterdam.

The train trip was hell! The stupid trains where loaded with people because of the Sail event. So it was a good thing that my outfit was so simple because I had to stand in the train for 1,5 hours.Though I didn't noticed the crowd in centrum, so that was good. Every time I go to Amsterdam I feel like I miss so much because I only have one day. But I had a goal. I wanted a MAC blusher and I was looking for stuff on my wishlist.
I added a DSLR Camera to my wishlist; I feel like the pictures that I make with my camera now (compact canon IXUS 100 is) are just not good enough for me. I want more!
But where do I get the 600 euros from? I guess I'll start saving now....uhg!

Does anyone recommend a DSLR camera?


August 21, 2010

Never Let This Go

My baby sister! Sorry for the no posting but I fryday night my new sister was born. I'll post about the movie, amsterdam and the rest later but now I have to spend time with the best sister ever haha.

Born 20-08-2010 21:47. 4,5 kilo and 54cm tall. A very big baby :D

Love to you all <3

August 18, 2010

Inception right?

Tonight I'm going to the movies. Inception it is. My boyfriend is taking me and I should be going right now. But first I finish this post. Here some pictures I took today! Btw, the new photo-uploading-thing on blogger really sucks. I costs me 10 times more time to get all my photo's uploaded...

well, tomorrow I'm going to Amsterdam and I'm really excited! I hope my mom doesn't gives birth to my baby sister when/before I'm there.

now I have to go
Have fun!

August 17, 2010

Give me more!

What the ***** is going on with the damn weather!
First, the damn temperature dropped like crazy and then it started to rain!
oo please, sun come back. I only have three weeks left of my holliday and I desperately need to wear my summerdresses, sandals and my sweet hat!

With all the depressing weather, I couldn't run from topshop's and asos' winter/fall collection. That's why I updated my wishlist into a fall/winter wishlist on the left side on my blog and it's why I am gonna show you this, my wishlist;

1. Silk blazer Asos Sale
2. Tee from Topshop
3. OPI Nailpolish - Give me more
4. Leather short Asos (coming soon and I WANT IT  BUT IT'S 70 EUROS AND I WANT IT)
5 & 6. Vintage belts from Asos
7. Wintercoat from Topshop

I want that short. I want that coat. I want the belts the nailpolish....ooh ik want it all!

Thustsday I'm going to Amsterdam wheter it's raining or not. But for now, I continue to eat a lot of chips and cookies while I'm searching through the internet.

And thank you for all your comments on my last post! My boyfriend was very happy to hear that you liked the photo's haha. You made him (and me) proud hihi.
xxxx Anne

August 15, 2010

Please let me change things, help me change things

Do you guys remember this post? Where I had a new dress but I didn't really showed it?
Here it is. In a little photoshoot in an amazing cornfield!

I decided to put my link on all my pictures, you never know :)
And don't forget to follow me  haha

ps. I love my boyfriend <3

August 14, 2010

All in one

(Don't mind my little brothers hand in the picture haha)

Yesterday I got a package. I couldn't remember why I should get one, but when I opened it; this came out!

My mom and I ordered a week ago a special package. An action with all kinds of beauty products!
This is what I can have, my mom also took some product hahaha.
Here it is;

Dove go fresh Body Lotion & Shower Gell
Keune Briliant gloss hairspray
Hydratating shampoo and mouse
Sweet perfume 'Halle Berry'
Make-up course-Bon
Spa Bon (for a day beauty and wellness)
Deodorant with haigrow-slowing formula
Two lipgloss, eyeshadow and nailpolish
Mascara from Maxfactor

And, I feel like crap. My stomach hurts all the time because I'm having soo much stress! Blehg....let it go away please....

What are you gonna do this weekend? xxxxxxx

August 12, 2010

I'm making a new header.
A drawed one.



Absolutly Alice

As promissed, my Absolutly Alice swatch. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it! The little golden glitters are so pretty. And I alpied also a thin layer of my new Barry M nailpolish.
Tonight I have to work....My mom is still pregnant and I want my new baby sister! But all we can do is wait...

Yesterday, I went to my orthodontist and I'm in hell. I can't even close my mouth 'cause that HURTS MAN! Bleehhhg
Sorry for all the whining, I want the sun, no pain, my friends to come home from their holliday, my baby sis, and I want to sleep. Ohg, i don't sleep wel lat all....

oke - stop. I have some pictures of my brother birthday cake, it's so beautifull <3
Have a nice day xxxxxx