August 17, 2010

Give me more!

What the ***** is going on with the damn weather!
First, the damn temperature dropped like crazy and then it started to rain!
oo please, sun come back. I only have three weeks left of my holliday and I desperately need to wear my summerdresses, sandals and my sweet hat!

With all the depressing weather, I couldn't run from topshop's and asos' winter/fall collection. That's why I updated my wishlist into a fall/winter wishlist on the left side on my blog and it's why I am gonna show you this, my wishlist;

1. Silk blazer Asos Sale
2. Tee from Topshop
3. OPI Nailpolish - Give me more
4. Leather short Asos (coming soon and I WANT IT  BUT IT'S 70 EUROS AND I WANT IT)
5 & 6. Vintage belts from Asos
7. Wintercoat from Topshop

I want that short. I want that coat. I want the belts the nailpolish....ooh ik want it all!

Thustsday I'm going to Amsterdam wheter it's raining or not. But for now, I continue to eat a lot of chips and cookies while I'm searching through the internet.

And thank you for all your comments on my last post! My boyfriend was very happy to hear that you liked the photo's haha. You made him (and me) proud hihi.
xxxx Anne

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