August 1, 2010

Let's pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars

Hello there,
As you know, I went to Maastricht yesterday! Just a couple of hours but it was very nice. It rained like 15 minutes but that didn't really care. At the Bijenkorf they sold M.a.c. Cosmetics so I HAD to go there hahaha. I told myself that I couldn't spend that much money because I'm going to LONDEN fryday! Afcourse I had to buy something! I bought a Mac eyeshadow pallet, look-a-like leather skirt and a cute tee.

Later I had a little photoshoot, and I played a little with some new actions on photoshop :)
Foto's of my purchases I'll post tomorrow, here some foto's of me in Maastricht. It's a new blouse from Zara. My mother brought me three blouses all bought in Sale! I'll show them also soon.

Just a comfortable outfit to shop in :)
Hope you enjoy the rain haha xxxxx


  1. leuke foto's!

  2. Hee Anne,
    Wat een leuuuuuke paraplu! En ik ben verliefd op je tas hihi! Nog bedankt voor je krabbel. Hier is mijn link, zet hem liever niet op hyves. ;)


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