August 10, 2010

Londen part three; purchases and last part

What did I bought in London?
As I said before, not very much and it's true. Where is that shop-a-holic in me? I'll hope it will return before I go to Amsterdam. August 19th I'll go to Amsterdam with my boyfriend (he likes it too you know).
I have to find the perfect knitted sweater and my green-and-white Adidas Hoodie! I also want a nice Mac blusher and maybe a bronzer hihi....

I'm totally in love with OPI! (Does anyone know where I can buy OPI in Amsterdam? Please contact me!) This is my second one, Absolutly Alice. I'll make a swatch in my next post OK? :)
And my Barry M (from Topshop) nailpolish, I love the glitters. A little golden necklace, Vintage jewellery by Topshop.

A 10 pounds black maxidress, bought at Primark. And a 6 pounds floral short, Primark :)


Don't be shy! ♥