August 14, 2010

All in one

(Don't mind my little brothers hand in the picture haha)

Yesterday I got a package. I couldn't remember why I should get one, but when I opened it; this came out!

My mom and I ordered a week ago a special package. An action with all kinds of beauty products!
This is what I can have, my mom also took some product hahaha.
Here it is;

Dove go fresh Body Lotion & Shower Gell
Keune Briliant gloss hairspray
Hydratating shampoo and mouse
Sweet perfume 'Halle Berry'
Make-up course-Bon
Spa Bon (for a day beauty and wellness)
Deodorant with haigrow-slowing formula
Two lipgloss, eyeshadow and nailpolish
Mascara from Maxfactor

And, I feel like crap. My stomach hurts all the time because I'm having soo much stress! Blehg....let it go away please....

What are you gonna do this weekend? xxxxxxx


  1. ooh leuk pakket & mooie header!
    Vanavond heb ik een familiefeestje en zondag misschien even een terrasje met vriendinnen doen (:

    x Jill

  2. Leuke spullen zeg!
    Ik volg je, doe je terug?
    X Diors (EGF)


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