August 3, 2010

There's a mouse in my room!

I have an acount on Deviantart. It's been a while since I posted new pictures there, but I intent to post again. Here are some pictures I made, maybe you can take a look :)

For the people who don't know what dA is, it's a place where people can post there own pictures and at the same time you can collect other people's pictures. Everything is shared. Take a look at it, or even better, take a look at my dA here.

ps. There's a mouse in my room! It's so freaking scary and now I have to clean it VERY SOON before it starts multiplying!!!!!!! :''''''''''''''''(


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  1. Ik snap serieus niet hoe mensen zulke foto's uit hun camera krijgen.. Heb zelf een spiegelreflex maar bij mij komen er nooit zulke foto's uit, haha!


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