July 29, 2010

Meet me at the equinox

I baked muffins and cookies! I love to bake sweet things like this. My mom wants me to bake them a lot (she loves them haha and I love them too). There almost up now hahaha. Today I have to cook and tomorrow I have to work again, saterday I'm going to Maastricht. I hope the rain goes away and the sun will be shining again! I want to wear my new dress AARGHG haha. I hope you like these colorful picutres :D
Are you up to something this weekend? Thanks for all the comments, I had a lot :D

kisses xxxxx Anne

July 28, 2010

New finds and gift

What your about to see lovely readers, is my new watch, ring (!!) and dress. I keep the dress for a suprise, but you can see a little of it. I want the sunny weather back! :(
The ring I got from my boyfriend. I love it.

I have to work tonight and saterday I'm going to Maastricht. Woohoooo.


July 27, 2010


Do you have something to ask me?
Please, ask me antything! :D

10 minutes in the train

As promissed, my story about fryday and saterday; My 1/2 aniversary with my boyfriend. I do not have a picture of the ring yet, but I'll show you tomorrow (yes I will) with my other purchases!
It started on fryday, the last day of the 'vierdaagse' and with that, also the parties.
My boyfriend and I hang out in Nijmegen 'till 2am. What did we do in the city when not partying?
We grabbed toys (if that's a good transaltion?). We went to the little fair and scored 4 toys hahaha.

The next day, we went to the city Arnhem. We lunched at Bagels&Beans (AMAAAZING) I had a bagel with cream cheese honey walnut. <3
The place was also very cute, I really recommend it!
Then (afcourse) we went shopping. And don't think I'm hard on my boyfriend for taking him out for shopping, because he bought more then I did haha.

At night, we ate at a mexican restaurant. Amazing food! It was so delicious! (If you come in Arnhem please eat at psstt...amigo).

And now I'm going to clean my room, again.


Do you recognize this picture? From my trip with my boyfriend to Amsterdam?

July 26, 2010

The red cowboy hat

It's over. Six days of partying. It's so over. I mis it already!
I have some new pics with my friends who made this amazing night possible.
Right now I'm gonna clean my room (yes, It's like world war 3 in my room).
Wish me luck! Maybe I'll find some clothes I had totally forgotten haha.
Tomorrow I'll post about my 1/2 jaar anniversary with my boyfriend. He bought me a ring and I'll make a picture for you guys :D

I have to say that these pictures are pretty happy!

Did you have a nice weekend?

Ps. I want to thank everyone for the nice comments. They make me smile :)

July 23, 2010

A golden feeling

Look at my new ring from By1Oak! I love it <3
and this is also the end of my post. Sorry for that but I'm so tired because of all the partying!
But last night was pretty awesome!

Now I'm going to Nijmegen city, to buy a present for my boyfriend and then I'll go to him. I don't know what we are gonna do tomorrow so I'm curious!
Have a nice day :D


July 22, 2010

Solarstone and Jochem Miller!

Yesterday evening was absolutly the best night of the week!
I was VIP by the Matrixx @ The Park because of my connections (ghehehe). The music was amazing. I love trance <3
Solarstone did it quietly so that everyone could get in the mood for this evening. Then at 11pm Jochem Miller came and everyone went wild for his music! Amazing night <3

After the music had ended we went to the waal quay for a drink. Ice Tea for life! There was playing a band. I truly have no idea what band it was hahaha.
We also went to the Waal-beach for a while, and then, I had to go home :(

Here some pics, tonight I'll go as well; last night..
I want to party party partyyyyyyy!

July 21, 2010

Party all day and party all night!

Yesterday I went for a drink with my boyfriend in Nijmegen. I LOVE smoothies and juices! They look nice (the colors) and they taste also very good. So - I bought a smoothie.

I had a BBQ and met some new people.
At 9pm we heading for the party to see the firework. My boyfriend and I went watching the firework. It was amazing! All the pretty colors and the hard noices. We sat there in the middle of the gras, before us the skyline of Nijmegen and the river. <3

I was home late! I hope my parents won't give me a time tonight!
But now I'm going to Nijmegen to meet some friends and party Day N Night!

July 19, 2010

Party week!!

Night two of partying is over. This is gonna be a short post because I'm about to shop with my mom.
This picture I took on the Waal-beach. (waalstrandje) the fire we made ourselves! Haha.
Tonight I'm not partying, but sleeping. I really need some serieus sleep.
Then tomorrow, I have A BBQ, and after that, I will go see the firework in Nijmegen city.
Wednesday the partying starts again. Thursday I will party as wel. Friday : NO PARTYING! It is soo busy on the last day of the week, So a no-no for me there.
Then saterday my boyfriend and I are a half year together. We have to celebrate it afcourse :D

This is my plan for this week. Not bad, is it? :D
I'll make some pictures and I'll try to post again this week!

I hope you all have a nice week! xxxx

July 17, 2010

Summer Party on the block! Wooooh

Wow, I'm baking cookies with my boyfriend. I can tell: THEY WHERE DELICIOUS! :D hahahaha.
It was raining so we had fun inside the house. Tonight I'm partying! WOOOOH. (yes again hahaha). Zomerfeesten @ Vierdaagse in Nijmegen.
I took the whole week free from work for this festival this week. I'm excited!

I hope you all have a nice weekend <3


July 16, 2010

Icecream in the summer!!

Woooh! School is officially over for this year! Also the plus programma I took with my VWO is over after three years of hard work haha. It's nice to have this certificate ánd red rose! Good for my resume hahaha.

It was nice weather so I also ate icecream with my friend Melissa. It's amazing that we have Italien icecream in this super little town! We don't even have an Etos!
I ate yogurt, blueberries and cookies!

Now I'm going to have a haircut and then tomorrow I have to work.

Have a nice weekend <3

Hat - Accessorize
Top - H&M
High waisted short - H&M
Leather belt - H&M
Satchel bag - Topshop
Sandals - Van Haaren
Necklace - WAAR

July 15, 2010

Does music creates a lifestyle?

Photo credits are for Drbunsenhoneydew

You want to take a look in my computer? That's all right with me :)

I opened Itunes, looked at my Most Played Songs and I show them to you!
First let me tell you something about my music taste. It's not pop. It's not some heavy metal shit. But It is rock/punk and some happy/sad sweet music. I also like Dance music, trance! You can't see that here in this list, because I have only big sets on my Iphone. You can click on the name, It will lead you to the music video on Youtube! :D

1. Why – Avril Lavigne
2. I Just Wanna Live – Good Charlotte
3. Cancer Song - Panic! at the Disco
4. Night Of The Hunter (Flood Remix) - 30 Seconds To Mars
5. I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
6. Pressure – Paramore
7. Brick By Boring Brick – Paramore
8. Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
9. Runaway – Avril lavigne
10. Breathe (2 AM) - Anne Nalick

I hope you get an idea of what I like. I think I love Avril Lavigne the most, then Paramore and the rest of it. I just love it all but Avril wins.

I'm curious about your music taste! What do you like?What don't you like?
Let me know! :D


Ps. To avoid confusions, I respect your music taste, even if it's not like mine. I don't want to insult people who love other things than me.

July 14, 2010

Mad as a Hatter!

Mad as a Hatter, From the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection.
I have this nailpolish for a while now, tough I never showed it. But I crazy in looooveee with this nailpolish <3
It takes two/three layers before the result is this amazing, but i so amazingly love it!
I'm wearing it whole week, and with the sun shining, all the glitters just parkle like rainbows!
(I got it from my boyfriend btw,  :D)

What do you think of this nailpolish?

Love, Anne <3

July 13, 2010

It's good to be afraid, It means you still have something to loose ♥

Please give this title some special attention. I heard it on TV and I immidiatly cried.
Sorry for my emotionality. I feel like I can cry because of anything. I don't know what it is, Do you have those days? Maybe it's not just me. Maybe I'm not totaly freaked out hahaha.

So, I'll you you guys my wishlist. I don't know what I'm gonna buy, yét. Hahaha

Tell me what you think :D

1. Bracelet from Asos. 2. Duffle bag from hippe-hebbedingetjes.nl. 3. A mink satchel from Asos. 4. Armour Ring from Asos. 5. Red Skirt from Topshop. 6. Ring from By1Oak. 7. Leather Satchel from Asos. 8. Lace Detail Shoe from Asos. 9. Flower Peace Vest from Topshop. 10. I Love U pullover from Topshop.

Love, me

July 12, 2010

H&M Preview July/August 2010

Here is a sneak preview from the H&M Womens July/August Collection. The colors are mostly earth tones, with a little bit color. I love the combinatios of those two. I especially love the metallic skirt, Fake croc leather bag, Blue shorts, and the striped tee. <3

Tip by befashionlike.com. Photo: H&M
What do you think of the collection?

July 10, 2010

Short post to post to post to post

What do you do when the weather is so damn HOT!? Indeed, you are going to barbeque :D
I went with my boyfriend to my father. For the first time the met like...'real'. We swimm in the pool, barbequed, talked....It was a very nice day. I acted a little weird on these pictures. What can I say? I like to be a little bit weird haha.

Love xxx