April 28, 2010

To be found, get lost!

Wow, last post I did was last sunday. Shame on me!

I'm soooo bizzy for school, all those test I have to make because I missed my test-week...
This outfit was monday, when the sun didn't show.
But I'm wearing my favorite (but it became to big) Jeans, grey adic washhhh, haha.
Those shots were taken in my little brother's room.
The teddy beer was mine when I was little and my mom gave it to my little brother.
O and look at my nails! I did them in the Amarican flag,
I saw it on the internet. I love the nails <3
I love the purple wall haha, but enough, my clothes ; everyting H&M, I love H&M....so:

Vest - H&M
Top with stripes - H&M
Adic washed jeans - H&M
Belt - H&M
Sneakers - H&M

PS. Don't be scared when you see my earring, I don't have a piercing up in my ear or something,
You can clip is on the side of your ear, amazing <3

April 25, 2010

When our health is bound; we are not ourselves

Yeah, sunglasses. I don't have a lot and you can see me in the reflection of my pilot glasses. haha, I stick my tong out.
But back to the glasses, from up to down:
First, my fake ray ban wayfarer - €5 euro, somewhere in Amsterdam.
Then my heartglasses - like €10? - H&M
Round glasses, price unknown and I forgot where I bought it.
Pilot glasses, Somewhere in Italia
And those glasses in the front - H&M

And here some stuff I also bought in Amsterdam:

My new Pocket Watch Necklace! I'm so happy with it. I saw it and there was no doupt at all.
Pocket Watch Necklace - River Island €17,50
Paire of earring, €7,50 - Some cute little shop
And a headband €5 - Accessorize


April 23, 2010

Who's there?

Take a look at my rings!
I tried to put them all on. The silver one with a purple stone is the one I'm always wearing.
I got it from my mom.

From left to the right and up to down:
Gold-look-a-like with soft pink stone - Sixx
Silver look-a-like with red stones - unknown
Silver with purple stone - From my mother <3
Silver look-a-like flower with a lot of white/color stones - unknown
Elastic ring with purple/silver balls and a silver heart out - unknown
Set of 2 silver rings with little balls on it and a little white stone - unknown
Gold look-a-like ring with a white stone - Sixx

Gold-look-a-like with soft pink stone - Sixx
Gold look-a-like with a light blue stone - Sixx
Silver look-a-like ring with little green stones and a turquoise in the middle - Sixx
Gold look-a-like with a black stone - Sixx
Gold look-a-like ring with a bow - sixx
Silver look-a-like with white stones - Bijou Brigitte

Wow, a lot of look-a-like. Well, what can I say; It's cheaper haha
I hope I'll get a lot more and bigger and prettier en stuff like that!
I loooveee rings <3

April 22, 2010

The purest thing in all creation

Somehow there’s no more darkness left at all.
I’ve soaked up sunlight through a thousand wounds,
and now this whiteness that I cloak you in
You won’t find even in the Alps: this wind
Whirls also there on high and stains the snow.
Even white roses bear a hint of dust.
The ultimate miracle is in ourselves:
these white expanses genuinely aglow
against the universe. The purest thing
in all creation then is not the twilight,
nor the sky when it’s reflected off the river,
nor the sun on the apple blossoms.

It is love.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Two KOH Nailpolish.
First 'Purple Universe 178' €14,95
Second 'Jewel 221' €14,95 (I got one for free)

I love them both very much!
The purple has those glitters which are just amazing and the green is just a beautifull color with much tiny glitters(you can't see that on the picture).
I love green haha

I bought them at Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.
They had sooo much colors, and better: The second nailpolish was for free.
And these cute boxes you got free too.

They both last very long, the purple I wore a week without scratches.
They have vitamine B and stuff like that...the sales lady told me but I forgot..woops.
Only the glitters are quite difficult to take off...

love, Anne

April 20, 2010

Wishing for spring


Here some things that I want, AND GET! :D
First, H&M heels. A friend of mine has them and when I saw them in real life, I hád to buy them. But they weren't available in my size...
Five days later my friend texted me and they were available in my size again! yeeeeeeey! €29,95

Second, Primark Jazz shoes, soft pink. I love these shoes, they are so cute!
I needed some new nice flat shoes for summer. I saw them en then bought them. Now just waiting for them to arrive. €10

Third, A very basic soft pink dress. H&M with pockets.I just liked it and it was only like €7!

And fourth, simple basic flat little shoes. Easy to wear. Like I sais, I need some flats for the summer. €12,95

Love, Anne!

April 17, 2010

summer freckles are comming!

Hello people!

I've laying on my bed for a week now. It's boring and I want to school, to my friends!
I don't think comming week will be school for me...I have a lot of pain so.

I miss everyone!


Top - River Island
Necklace/Watch - Rives Island
Skirt - Zara
Panty - Sixx
Boots - V&D

April 14, 2010

I know, you know, I know, you know??????

Vest H&M, stripes and sheer top H&M, short H&M, Legging ASOS, boots Ivito.
I love my new vest, I love those puffed sleeves! And The color...<3

Strike a poseeeeeeeeeee

April 13, 2010

bed-rest sucks

Like the title already says, lying in bed whole day clearly sucks.
It has been 6 days until my surgery, and I miss my friends! I miss the sunny wether! I miss the walking and talking and moving! I miss the outgoing things....

Over 6 weeks I can walk again, I hope. I have a lot of pain and my bed has become my closest friend.

Here a picture of my in the hospitel, as you see, I don't look very happy hahaha.
I'll trust that everyting will be oke, right?


April 12, 2010

to late isn't late, why don't you understand?

Just an outfit last week, That vest is from H&M MAMMA, shirt, Berschka, Shoes, XX by Mexx


April 11, 2010

Amsterdam rules!

I won't tell you a big story about Amsterdam,
It is great and I went to it with my boyfriend and it was AMAZING!
The last shopping trip before my surgery last thursday.
The wether was really nice and I enjoyed it veryyyyyyyyy much :D


April 6, 2010


Hello bloggers!

I'm sorry for no post last week. Tomorrow I'll post about today: AMSTERDAM!
I went with my boyfriend to our lovely city and it was amazing with him <3

I shopped 2 skirts, necklace, nailpolish, sunglasses and 2 rings.
No shoes, every shoe I wanted was out of stock! Omg, not nice :(

I really want those little créme jazz shoes...<3 
unfortunatley, I'm never gonna get them.

Tomorrow I will look trough alll those pictures (487 photo's) and I'll post.

I'm also very nervous for the day after tomorrow, then's my surgery....2 months on crutches...

wel, I'm gonna sleep. GOOD NIGHT <3