April 28, 2010

To be found, get lost!

Wow, last post I did was last sunday. Shame on me!

I'm soooo bizzy for school, all those test I have to make because I missed my test-week...
This outfit was monday, when the sun didn't show.
But I'm wearing my favorite (but it became to big) Jeans, grey adic washhhh, haha.
Those shots were taken in my little brother's room.
The teddy beer was mine when I was little and my mom gave it to my little brother.
O and look at my nails! I did them in the Amarican flag,
I saw it on the internet. I love the nails <3
I love the purple wall haha, but enough, my clothes ; everyting H&M, I love H&M....so:

Vest - H&M
Top with stripes - H&M
Adic washed jeans - H&M
Belt - H&M
Sneakers - H&M

PS. Don't be scared when you see my earring, I don't have a piercing up in my ear or something,
You can clip is on the side of your ear, amazing <3

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