May 1, 2010

The dream of the sun and the colors

I love summer and sun and light dresses and everyting!
Oh, and you guys can meet my backyard, not very big but I don't care.
Today is my boyfriend's birthday and over two hours I'm going to him and his familie to celebrate.
I called him at 0.00 am to sing for him, hahaha!

Oh, with my knee goes well, or more like oké.
You can see on the pictures that my knee is thick, but that goes away in a year or something like that.
Over three weeks I'm going to the hospital to chek my knee, and I hope só much, that then, I am able to walk again!!

In the pictures you see me standing but really, I can't walk haha.
And my vinger and toe nails are all a bit happy colered (:
My outfit:

White rose - Mother
Sunglasses - H&M
Dress - The Lady Sting
Sandals - H&M
Peace neclace - Home made from one earring

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  1. mooie foto's!
    en je hebt gave nagellak op! =]


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