May 18, 2010

Midnight parties and loving stars

My ring arived! I like it veeery much!
And I'm gonna show you my outfit of today. Panty (because my knee hurts to much with jeans, stupid wound why don't you heel!?),
skirt from River Island, sheer top H&M, soft pink vest with puff sleeves H&M.

Thursday I have to go to the hospital, chek my knee.
I hope everyting's oke and I may walk again. I'm so sick and tired of these stupid crutches, and I'll show you them.
My knee still hurts and is very weak, like I miss a couple of muscles. It helps so say it over and over agian to myself: It's gonna be OKE!
And after seven months I begin to believe it haha.
Wish me luck!


On your left side, you see my crutches

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