May 5, 2010

London, move too the point

Hello guys,

I have great news,

With my boyfriend!
It is a gift from my stepdad and it's so awesome <3
I've been there before with my mother and her friend, 2 years ago (I was like 13 years old  and I had bangs) but then I didn't know all the stores and stuff,
But now I'm gonna search for the pest places to be ans shop and I will be like really prepared.

If you guys know stores in London (and maybe the adress?) then will you please send it to my email adress?
That would be great.
I'm so excited!!!

here a couple of photo's from 2007
(yes my hair I know I hated it, bangs)

So if you know shops and places where defenitly have to go, please mail.
Love, me

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