May 9, 2010

The music is making me growing

From the left to the right:
1. Catrice  - Scream Peach! 107
2. Catrice - London's Weather Forecast 280
3. W.I.C - New Delhi
4. Rimmel London - Sky High 825

I tried them all on, and this is my opinion:

1. Very lovely peach color! The nailpolish covers your nails in one layer.
A nice bursh, could have been a little bigger but it's ok.
2. About the same as number 1. Also Catrice so I guess Catrice is just nice
(these are my first Catrice nailpolish). And a very nice grey color.
3. I loveeeeeee this color! The ultimate mint greenish nailpolish.
Very nice brush and one layer is enough. Altough I like the substance of Catrice better.
But W.I.C lasts longer!
4. A very ocean color. It dries really as fast as it says, and the brush is very big so you can cover your nail at once.
Still, it doesn't cover well, you must have two layer before you get a nice result. It lasts like 4 days.

love, Me

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