June 29, 2010

Kiss my red hot lips

Woah, I bought a red lipstick!
I bought one from Pupa milano. I always love Pupa make-up and so I love this lipstick. Pupa make up is very smooth. I like that.
The lipstick sits in sort of a case with a little mirror. Very handy!
I also bought a purple nailpolisch van WIC by Herôme. I have good experiences with WIC!

This is also a short update, because of my testweek. Still six to go!
Oh, don't forget to vote my poll!

Love  xxx

Me with the lipstick :)

What do you think? xxx

June 28, 2010


Hello, A short post. Because I have my test week. 1 passed, still 8 to go.
I'm going back studying and watching the Dutch team play! HOLLAND WOOEHHH! :D

edit: 1-0 vor Nederland against Slowakijen joepie :D


June 27, 2010

So true...!

Brilliant with diamond power

Look at my new purchases from Ydeltuyt!

A new bracelet and a new ring. <3

What do you think? :)

June 26, 2010

These are the lives I have created

Wow, It's hot in here! Yesterday I wore my new floral dress <3
I love my dress haha. Yesterday was also my very last (real) schoolweek. I only need to survive my test week and then school will be over. For this year, at least. I have 9 test to pass.

And thursday was my first workday. It was realy fun! The people where very nice to mee and time went very fast. Today I have to work from 2pm 'till 7pm. There's gonna be a lunchbreak today. That's wat I'm nervous for! I don't know anyone on saterday so I'm kinda stressed out. I hope it will be oke. I guess it will be oke.

Oke, my outfit is my new Mango dress, clock necklace, Van Haaren sandals, Urban Outfitters watch.

June 23, 2010

Supermassive Black Hole

Oooh, today was amazing! It was 26 degrees and sunny and the day went so fast. It's already 5pm! wow!
The whole class ate all together at the home of our teacher. It was so nice and I laughed soo much! Sorry for all the exclamation marks haha, I'm just so happy, wauw.

I also have some bad news; The plan was to go June 29 to London. Well, That's not gonna happen. After a lot of fighting this was the solution: My boyfriend and I will go on august 6. Over 6 weeks I'll go. Over 2 weeks my school will be over for this year!
That meand a lót of studying...I go focusing on German now. Bleh

ps. What do you think of the red lipstick? This is an old one from my mother and I'm thinking to buy one myself. Hot Red! Do you think it fits me well? :)


Cropped Top - River Island
High waist short - H&M
Sandals - Van Haaren
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

June 22, 2010


Hellooo, I've been to Italie! :D

And it was a miracle! My knee just worked like it should work! Omg like...magic...and I'm soo happy and here can you see some pisctures of the vacation!
We went to Pisa, Lucca, Something, Florance and the beach hahaha.

(I'm on the left with my little brother)

June 21, 2010

Will you smile for me?

I need a happy smile right now. I need it very much and I just can't bare to smile for myself, will you smile for me please?

June 20, 2010

The random key on your calculator

First, I want to thank everybody who commented me on my post. It makes me happy <3
As you can see in the title; I'm veeeerrryyyyy busy with school and math and german en english and bleeehg. Oke - over 2 weeks my school will be over (for now...).

In a little bit more then a week I am going to london! Yeaah, I'm so excited to go there with my boyfriend!
I'm saving my money for all the shoping I am dying to do. Yaaaayyy :D

Here you see some random pictures of a festival where I've been a month ago or something, haha a little bit late. It's called 'MusicMeeting' and there where all kinds of stalls. For the people who read my blog and know me in person sorry for that, but I like the pictures <3:

June 19, 2010

Make sure I'll get to know anything

Take a look at my wishlist. It's big I know. But it's still a wish....

1. Asos floral playsuit 2. H&M Boots Autumn Collection 3. Ruche ring 4. Ydeluyt Ring 5. Ydeltuyt Bracelet 6. Topshop red heart hotpants 7. Ruche hotpants 8. Asos leaf headband 9. Topshop maxi dress 10. Topshop tee 11. Ruche bag 12. H&M bag 13. H&M blouse  14. Topshop grey skinny!

June 17, 2010

This is our system, our soul, our club!

Hellooooo, meet my new glasses!
And  now I'm going back to my english books. I hate school. Blehg


June 14, 2010

Life's like an hourglass, glued to the table

As you can see: I'm keeping my topshop bag 'cause I love it so much. Further you see my new watch from Urban Outfitters, and my new denim blouse from the Zara.
My black All Stars (I still can's walk on heels because of my knee :( so I'll have to wait) and a black skirt+top from the H&M. I shot these pictures in my little brother's room. I love the purple and the big teddy bear <3
What do you actually think of my new lay-out? It's new at Blogspot!

ps. I love strawberries!