June 19, 2010

Make sure I'll get to know anything

Take a look at my wishlist. It's big I know. But it's still a wish....

1. Asos floral playsuit 2. H&M Boots Autumn Collection 3. Ruche ring 4. Ydeluyt Ring 5. Ydeltuyt Bracelet 6. Topshop red heart hotpants 7. Ruche hotpants 8. Asos leaf headband 9. Topshop maxi dress 10. Topshop tee 11. Ruche bag 12. H&M bag 13. H&M blouse  14. Topshop grey skinny!


  1. Wow die maxidress en die grijze broeklegging iets zijn leuk!

  2. Wauw, die maxidress is moooi :o!


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