June 26, 2010

These are the lives I have created

Wow, It's hot in here! Yesterday I wore my new floral dress <3
I love my dress haha. Yesterday was also my very last (real) schoolweek. I only need to survive my test week and then school will be over. For this year, at least. I have 9 test to pass.

And thursday was my first workday. It was realy fun! The people where very nice to mee and time went very fast. Today I have to work from 2pm 'till 7pm. There's gonna be a lunchbreak today. That's wat I'm nervous for! I don't know anyone on saterday so I'm kinda stressed out. I hope it will be oke. I guess it will be oke.

Oke, my outfit is my new Mango dress, clock necklace, Van Haaren sandals, Urban Outfitters watch.


Don't be shy! ♥