June 9, 2010

Our love is the perect crime

As you can see, I did some shopping. And I also didn't post for over a week!
I'm sorry for that, I had no time - I'm so bizzy for school, you have no idea. So, what did I bought?

Photo 1: Topshop bag, I'm not sure if I'll keep it. What do you think?
It's so small to use it for school and it cost 55 pounds, but if I'll return it it will cost me 15 euros for nothing. Please, I need your help!
Zara tee, TRF. So cute! Denim shirt, Zara. I was looking for one and this one is perfect! Golden, vintage watch, Urben Outfitters. I love it!
White denim short, Zara TRF. Just a little bit longer as a regular short.

Photo 2:  Denim short, J-Well jeans. It fit's me perfectly. 'Keep it green' tee with Smurfette on it, Only.
Accessorize hat. I can't wait to wear it in the sun! Light washed denim jeans, Zara TRF. Also a perfect fit <3

What do you think of my new purchases? And schould I return the topshop bag or not?

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  1. hmm ik weet niet waar je de tas voor wil gaan gebruiken, maar als t niet kan als schooltas is t niet echt handig... leuke aankopen!


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