June 20, 2010

The random key on your calculator

First, I want to thank everybody who commented me on my post. It makes me happy <3
As you can see in the title; I'm veeeerrryyyyy busy with school and math and german en english and bleeehg. Oke - over 2 weeks my school will be over (for now...).

In a little bit more then a week I am going to london! Yeaah, I'm so excited to go there with my boyfriend!
I'm saving my money for all the shoping I am dying to do. Yaaaayyy :D

Here you see some random pictures of a festival where I've been a month ago or something, haha a little bit late. It's called 'MusicMeeting' and there where all kinds of stalls. For the people who read my blog and know me in person sorry for that, but I like the pictures <3:

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