June 13, 2010

I needed some new stuff

Tralalalaaaa, I really needed some new stuf. You see a new brush. My old one was a disaster! This one's is very soft and big. From the HEMA. And the eyebrow-brush with a comb. Also HEMA.
Stay matte pressed powder, from Rimmel. I choose the lightest one and the powder itself is a mineral powder and I like it (:
False lash effect from Maxfactor. Nothing new for me because I used it for months now. It is my favorite.
And....A lipstick! I never ever wear lipstick but I wanted one. So, I bought one.
I went at the store and the hotpink ones were immediately a No for me. Then red; Yeah...I like red! But i couldn't where it much so I wanted a darker and softer pink pink. This is it:

Sorry for my face haha. I just took a picture.

So what do you think? xxxx

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  1. leuk, en ah je hebt zo'n schattig gezichtje :)


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