April 22, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Two KOH Nailpolish.
First 'Purple Universe 178' €14,95
Second 'Jewel 221' €14,95 (I got one for free)

I love them both very much!
The purple has those glitters which are just amazing and the green is just a beautifull color with much tiny glitters(you can't see that on the picture).
I love green haha

I bought them at Bijenkorf in Amsterdam.
They had sooo much colors, and better: The second nailpolish was for free.
And these cute boxes you got free too.

They both last very long, the purple I wore a week without scratches.
They have vitamine B and stuff like that...the sales lady told me but I forgot..woops.
Only the glitters are quite difficult to take off...

love, Anne

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  1. Erg great, alleen moet je het contrast van je camera/bewerken niet zo hoog zetten, dan krijg je van die knalkleuren.

    Great verder. Keep on going.


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