April 25, 2010

When our health is bound; we are not ourselves

Yeah, sunglasses. I don't have a lot and you can see me in the reflection of my pilot glasses. haha, I stick my tong out.
But back to the glasses, from up to down:
First, my fake ray ban wayfarer - €5 euro, somewhere in Amsterdam.
Then my heartglasses - like €10? - H&M
Round glasses, price unknown and I forgot where I bought it.
Pilot glasses, Somewhere in Italia
And those glasses in the front - H&M

And here some stuff I also bought in Amsterdam:

My new Pocket Watch Necklace! I'm so happy with it. I saw it and there was no doupt at all.
Pocket Watch Necklace - River Island €17,50
Paire of earring, €7,50 - Some cute little shop
And a headband €5 - Accessorize


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  1. I looove the pocket watch!
    Ik zoek zelf al zo lang zo'n ding!
    En die hartjes zonnebril van de H&M is ook super!
    Keep on blogging!


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