July 9, 2010

Jewelry said the little owl ♥

Yesterday I went swimming with my lovely boyfriend, shopping, eating and then a movie (Shrek Ever After 3D wooooohoo).
It was an amazing day!!!

I went to a shop: it's called WAAR and they are in for the good cause. The wide range of Fairtrade products also exists with biological, ecological and recycled products with special designs. I bought a necklace with a 'Fatima handje' (fatima hand?) I think it's amazing, wanted it for a very long time <3

I also bought a nailpolish from the H&M. I saw it and it was so super blue! The color is so bright, I had to buy it. It's called 'Blue my mind'. The Owl ring is also from H&M. I love it!

xxx love

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