July 6, 2010

Sunshine, water and party's!

Wooo, I'm sorry for the no-posting thing!
It's just...I HAVE VACATION! No more school for nine weeks! Omg how amazing is that! :D
A lot of exclamation marks sorry for that. I also am very busy with every non-school thing. Party, friends, boyfriends, movie's.....I need to go shopping really quick haha.

I have some pictures from me and my friends, we're having a water fight in the sun! I also went so the schoolparty with them, It was so much fun.
My knee did well that evening. Although the day after the party I had to work...I was tired and slow. Not a very good motivation haha

What have you done this weekend? :D
And, should a make a new header or not? Any suggestions?

ps. Holland plays the semi-finals tonight! HUP HOLLAND HUP!
(soccer ofcourse)

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