July 21, 2010

Party all day and party all night!

Yesterday I went for a drink with my boyfriend in Nijmegen. I LOVE smoothies and juices! They look nice (the colors) and they taste also very good. So - I bought a smoothie.

I had a BBQ and met some new people.
At 9pm we heading for the party to see the firework. My boyfriend and I went watching the firework. It was amazing! All the pretty colors and the hard noices. We sat there in the middle of the gras, before us the skyline of Nijmegen and the river. <3

I was home late! I hope my parents won't give me a time tonight!
But now I'm going to Nijmegen to meet some friends and party Day N Night!


    de spin in het haar van de vrouw voor me minder. Jezus die was echt huge. Ik begon volgens mij best hard te gillen en zat half bij degene die naast me zat op schoot. Doe ik goeeed. xD

    maar mooie foto's!

  2. Mooie foto's van dat vuurwerk! En die eerste foto ziet er zo yummie uit :) al dat fruit.


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