July 19, 2010

Party week!!

Night two of partying is over. This is gonna be a short post because I'm about to shop with my mom.
This picture I took on the Waal-beach. (waalstrandje) the fire we made ourselves! Haha.
Tonight I'm not partying, but sleeping. I really need some serieus sleep.
Then tomorrow, I have A BBQ, and after that, I will go see the firework in Nijmegen city.
Wednesday the partying starts again. Thursday I will party as wel. Friday : NO PARTYING! It is soo busy on the last day of the week, So a no-no for me there.
Then saterday my boyfriend and I are a half year together. We have to celebrate it afcourse :D

This is my plan for this week. Not bad, is it? :D
I'll make some pictures and I'll try to post again this week!

I hope you all have a nice week! xxxx


  1. Haha, zo cool, ik heb laatst ook met een stel vrienden zelf een BBQ gemaakt zonder enige hulp van aanmaakblokjes.. Echt leuk! :D

  2. ooh leuke sfeerfoto!!
    Wat een drukke week voor jou :)
    Amuseer je!!


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