July 27, 2010

10 minutes in the train

As promissed, my story about fryday and saterday; My 1/2 aniversary with my boyfriend. I do not have a picture of the ring yet, but I'll show you tomorrow (yes I will) with my other purchases!
It started on fryday, the last day of the 'vierdaagse' and with that, also the parties.
My boyfriend and I hang out in Nijmegen 'till 2am. What did we do in the city when not partying?
We grabbed toys (if that's a good transaltion?). We went to the little fair and scored 4 toys hahaha.

The next day, we went to the city Arnhem. We lunched at Bagels&Beans (AMAAAZING) I had a bagel with cream cheese honey walnut. <3
The place was also very cute, I really recommend it!
Then (afcourse) we went shopping. And don't think I'm hard on my boyfriend for taking him out for shopping, because he bought more then I did haha.

At night, we ate at a mexican restaurant. Amazing food! It was so delicious! (If you come in Arnhem please eat at psstt...amigo).

And now I'm going to clean my room, again.


Do you recognize this picture? From my trip with my boyfriend to Amsterdam?


  1. ouuh dat schaapje vind ik echt schattig!

  2. This sounds GREAT. Ohh do you like outfit posts? Take a look on my blog and maybe we vould follow each other?



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