July 26, 2010

The red cowboy hat

It's over. Six days of partying. It's so over. I mis it already!
I have some new pics with my friends who made this amazing night possible.
Right now I'm gonna clean my room (yes, It's like world war 3 in my room).
Wish me luck! Maybe I'll find some clothes I had totally forgotten haha.
Tomorrow I'll post about my 1/2 jaar anniversary with my boyfriend. He bought me a ring and I'll make a picture for you guys :D

I have to say that these pictures are pretty happy!

Did you have a nice weekend?

Ps. I want to thank everyone for the nice comments. They make me smile :)


  1. leuke foto's,je ziet echt dat je je geamuseerd hebt! ;)

    Ik ben dit weekend naar de Gentse feesten geweest was ook echt leuk.

    Enjoy cleaning.

  2. Superleuke foto's, vooral die 1e is tof! Ziet er heel leuk uit.

  3. Haha, die hoeden deelden ze op Werchter ook uit
    Foto's zien er super gezellig uit!

  4. I am very all are enjoy six day party.I love red color.The red cowboy hat are so sexy and looking awesome.


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