August 25, 2010

La La La La Land!

Woooh, you didn't think that I went to Amsterdam without buying something, huh?
Well, I did haha.

1. MAC shimmer blusher 'peachykeen'. The color is a little bit more soft then here. I love the blusher! The shimmer is jhere just a little and I like that it gives just that extra!
2 & 3.OPI Ski Teal We Drop & Give Me More. They are from the new Fall/Winter Swiss collection.
4. Ring, bought in a little store :) It's not real silver but I just like it.

5 & 6. Two basic tees from Zara. White and brown.
7. Black knitted hat for winter (I have to cycle my way to school, no bus for me this year).

Sorry for the crappy picture

8. Lalalalaland Tee from Zipper
9. Leather shorts from Zara! (woooh one off my wishlist haha)

I wondered if you'd like a revieuw on beauty products I buy. Like the MAC blusher or the OPI Nailpolish? Let me know in a comment or e-mail.
And don't forget to ask me something on Formspring, It's on your right!

Love, a big sister :D

PS. About the movie Inception; You should run to the cinema to see it! It's amazing!


  1. waauw leuke dingen heb je gekocht! en ik zou een review over de dingen wel leuk vinden ja :)

  2. Leuke dingen vooral de ring en short

  3. Erg leuke items! EN een review vind ik altijd wel leuk!
    Verder ga ik je blog nu zeker volgen! Ik vind m top!!

  4. Wow die ring en nagellak zijn echt geweldig!! Je Lalala-land shirt ook trouwens! Ik volg je! :)

  5. Hele leuke dingen, vooral je leren shortje! En je make-up ziet er ook mooi uit :)


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