August 9, 2010

Londen part two; Happy birthday to you ♥

Oh smelly underground...

Here the rest of the pictures :)
What do you think of my blond hair? Or maybe you prefer me as a redhead haha?
I also lunched at Starbucks. It's so amazing and it's so crap that we don't have Starbucks in Holland (stupid stupid land) because I love it.
Also just some random pictures, me walking down the street with my new leather skirt from H&M and my new tee from Zara and not forget my amazing topshop satchel, airplane crazy pictures, mickey mouse, me waiting for the gate...ohhh I still miss it SO much!

Thanks for your comments, but now I even regret it more...that I didn't bought those shoes in Topshop sale. hahaha. Whatever I'm going to Amsterdam!

OH! I almost forgot! Today is my brother birthday, he turns two today. How cute <3
To bad I have to work from 4 till 7.....:(



  1. super leuk! vooral die foto's met die pruiken op..

  2. Ik vind dat je er tof uitziet!
    Maar er zit trouwens sowieso een Starbucks op Utrecht CS tegenover de Free Record Shop. <3


  3. Op Amsterdam centraal zit er ook eindelijk een. Ik liep er gisteren langs maar helaas kon ik geen koffie halen omdat ik mijn trein zou missen. Druk druk druk daar.



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