August 24, 2010

What the ** do we know?

My life is so hectic right now with the baby. I'm sorry for the no posting but I think everyone understands why...

Everything goes well with the baby, she's so sweet <3
but enough about that, let me show you about my day in Amsterdam.

The train trip was hell! The stupid trains where loaded with people because of the Sail event. So it was a good thing that my outfit was so simple because I had to stand in the train for 1,5 hours.Though I didn't noticed the crowd in centrum, so that was good. Every time I go to Amsterdam I feel like I miss so much because I only have one day. But I had a goal. I wanted a MAC blusher and I was looking for stuff on my wishlist.
I added a DSLR Camera to my wishlist; I feel like the pictures that I make with my camera now (compact canon IXUS 100 is) are just not good enough for me. I want more!
But where do I get the 600 euros from? I guess I'll start saving now....uhg!

Does anyone recommend a DSLR camera?


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