August 5, 2010

Londen here I come!

I'm so stressed right now! Tomorrow I'm going to londen with my boyfriend for a day (best gift ever) and I have to plan all this stuff and the muscles in my feet hurts and I have to work tonight for 4 hours. I hope I'm not to tired for tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I leave at 4am so this will be my last post (I'll tweet when Im gone on twitter). It's gonna be the first time I get on a plane without my parents haha. I'll post saterday again (i hope).

I made a wishlist from Topshop. (where I will be shopping tomorrow yaaay!)

wish me luck! xxxxxxxxxxxx
(oh, and the mouse is gone suddenly...kinda weird)

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  1. ooh amuseer je in Londen! (stiekem wel n beetje jaloers ;d)


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