August 7, 2010

Londen part one : I WANT BACK I'm homesick for london

Wauw, I didn't know how much i really missed london before I saw it again. It was amazing and so unreal! Normally you go a day to the city 10km next to your own house, but now I was in freaking London!!!!!!

I looooooooooooove it. The first thing I saw when I came out the underground (oh smelly underground I missed you so much) was Topshop. AAAAAAAAAHHH
I didn't know it was THAT big! Oh

I didn't spend that much money as I tought I was going to. I spend 25 pouns (omg!!!) made possible by Primark haha.
I'll show that later, but first I will show you some pictures. I wish I stayed there longer...

Topshop, I loved almost everything I saw. To bad my brain stayed clear. I almost bought my bag but in a size bigger (100 euros!) and a sweater and dresses and ah.....
I did tried on a dress of 205 pounds. That so much money for me! wauw...

I only bougt nailolish by Barry M and a vintage necklace at Topshop.

These shoes I almost bought for 35 pounds in sale of topshop. I'm sorry I didn't bought them :'(


  1. leuke fotos, ik ben zelf ook totally in love with London, gelukkig ga ik er over een paar maandjes studeren. Die heels van topshop zijn supermooi trouwens, kan je ze niet bestellen via de online shop? xo

  2. Wat zonde dat je die mooie schoentjes niet hebt gekocht!! <3

  3. ah geweldige foto's ! jammer dat je de schoenen niet hebt gekocht, ze zijn prachtig !


  4. londen was totally amazing!


  5. Ik weet wat je bedoeld! Ben er vorig jaar geweest, en ga binnenkort ook weer, kan niet wachten!

    Je hebt trouwens een schattige horloge ;)

  6. Dogs and dresses, Nee ik heb net gekeken op de site en dat kan niet! Echt zo jammer..en supergaaf dat je er gaat studeren!

    en bedankt allemaal <3


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