January 17, 2011

Gestern war mein geburstag....?

Hallo allemaal!
hier een kort verslag uit duitsland, het toetsenbord is raar en ik moet over 5 minuten in de Kantine yijn ier. Echt Zo'n amerikaanse met warm eten!
We moesten een stukje schrijven voor in de schookrant over onye ervaringen, dus die post ik hier :)
sorry dat ik nu dus geen foto's heb erbij, maar deze computer blokkeerd alles wat leuk is, behalve hotmail en blogger. Hyves, facebook en twitter zijn onbereikbaar!

Vanavond heb ik nog een post ingepland met foto's van thuis nog, maar hier mijn verslag:

January 17, Monday – Kopernikus college
Do you know that exciting feeling when you are planning something you've never done, but you want to do do it anyway because you're just curious? Well, that's me two days ago. I'm in an exchange program.

Sunday January 16 - I waited with other students for the train from The Netherlands to Germany. I was scared of what would happen to me because of all the horror experience I've heard from other students in my class. What could I expect? What would my host family be like? What if I couldn't understand what they are saying...?

On the train station in Neubeckum, I met the mother of my exchange girl. I relaxed a bit when I saw her. She seemed nice. My exchange person wasn't there. She had a Handball match to win and I went to watch her play. Luckily there was an other student from Holland, she made the match more fun to watch. I've been told that Handball is very popular in Germany. That was one of the first differences I noticed.
After the match we ate dinner. That was a bit awkward though. They speak to me in German, and I understand most of it (when they speak slowly) but I didn't know what to say back to them! I've had German lessons for two and a half year now, but I barely speak it. I hope my skills have been improved by the time the week is passed.

Before we went to sleep, we watch Harry Potter in German. I understood the whole movie, but that's because I've seen it a hundred times in English. It was nice to watch something I knew. It made me feel a bit like home.
I had my own room with a computer, so I had my privacy and I could communicate with my friends and family in The Netherlands. So the second difference I noticed was the keyboard. The 'y' and 'z' are different. Further than that, I didn't noticed a lot of differences. The family, house and food is pretty much like Holland. Well, OK the food is a little bit different. Like other brands and other flavors. But It can't compete with the 'stroopwafels' and 'pindakaas' in Holland.

Monday January 17 on school – After a short introduction we were separated in three groups. Film, acting and program writing. I'm in the program writing group. The women who explained what we had to do spoke very fast! I couldn't understand her at all. But luckily someone explained it to me: We write the program of the play that will be performed on Friday evening.

I'm curious for everything so that's a plus. I really hope it goes well, but I guess I have to stop worrying so much. Everyone has good intentions here, right?

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