January 31, 2011

what you do, does not exist and yet here it is

So saterday was my sweet 16 party and it was super!
I had so much fun and everybody was so nice to me and I've got lots of presents.
The whole party went so fast...and the cocktails were so delicious..Thanks everybody <3

But now it's monday, and that means school. But not just school, no! I have a testweek.
I made three test and I still have seven to go. So wish me luck because I have to study.



  1. Superleuke foto´s! Je kroontje staat je zo leuk! :D


  2. you have a really great blog!

  3. de eerste 2 foto's zien er echt leuk uit, dat wazige maakt het juist leuk :)

    ik heb ook toetsweek gehad, verschrikkelijk


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