February 9, 2011

Full stops and exclamation marks. My words stumble before I start.

 Hello everyone,

Today I went to a pancake-restaurant! It was delicious and my little brother had one with Nutella on it. It reminded me when I was in Italy. I love those crepes with Nutella and banana..ooh jum.

And ofcourse, my outfit of today. I wore a new top from Hönkemoller(yes I know it's a lingery store but I found a normal top there, nice huh? :), skirt from H&M and boots from Sacha.

Jewelery I wore what I wear on a regular day.
Two rings, one from Biou brigitte and one unknown.
The bracelets are pretty new. Two from the brand 'Buddha to Buddha' (the leather and silver one).
And one I've got from my birthday last week, a Pandora charm bracelet wíth a Buddha charm!
The buddha charm is typical to choose for me, I love buddha's! The charms are really a memorie of a moment in your life. So that's nice.

Now I'm going to sleep, I need my sleep. I fell asleep in the bus today. That's not nice when you miss your busstop...



  1. aaah die beer is zo schattig! en wat een leuke foto's ;)

  2. wat een leuk topje! i like it! (:

  3. I love die beer! haha geweldig!
    Leuke blog heb jij zeg! Echt allemaal super orgineel enzo!

    Trouwens.. ik weet niet of je het leuk vind om eens te kijken.. maar ik heb ook een blog, of misschien zelfs te volgen? (je weet nooit!)

    Ik zou zeggen ga zo door met leuke berichten plaatsen! YOU GO GIRL!



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