October 4, 2010

The Wind Blows

Last Friday I went to a wedding. It was my second wedding I've ever had.
It was a small wedding, very chic. The photo's are from the party after the wedding, the reception. It was in the Oranjerie van Het Paleis Soesdijk. There where delicious snacks and drinks. Fresh munt tea and home made cookies. And oh, the wedding cake! (I think I gained a couple a kilo's, not only because of the wedding haha)
There was also a 'children spot'. My little brother gave me lot's of glowing bracelets and then it was my turn to blow him a balloon. Cute <3

This weekend I also went to the fair in Nijmegen with friends, I laughed so much! It makes me happy when I think about it....
Now I'm going back to studying math; I had my first tutoring today and tomorrow I have a test. Wish me luck!

love, Anne

ps. The mushrooms are photo's I made with my new Iphone :D All the pictures are made with my Iphone, I lost my camera...........

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